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Hire us to help you plan, design, and build your product.

We help you make your software project a success.
We reduce your risk and focus on building the right thing, keeping the project on track
with a solid process and frequent iterations.

Who we are

We are a software company and a group of enthusiastic individuals. We are passionate about software development and about building products that make other people's lives easier. At Trifork we believe that the key to producing good software is having a team of good people.

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What we do

Trifork AB specializes in creating state of the art Mobile Apps for all platforms, and we are masters of Web Technology, like Meteor and ReactJS. We do Data Visualization for Business Intelligence, so you get the most out of your data. We're experts at Cloud Orchestration with Mesos and Kubernetes reducing the complexity of Distributed Computing. We guide you in the creative process and work iteratively to make sure we are building exactly what you need.

But most importantly we take care of the entire process from your Product Idea to your Actual Product. Requirements, Planning, Design, Development, Project Management and Hosting.

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GOTO; Software Conference in Stockholm

Our GOTO; conferences are multi-disciplinary software conferences for developers, leaders and agilists.
In 2016 GOTO; Conference is coming to Stockholm for the first time.
Last year, we had more than 4'000 attendees in Europe. GOTO; brings together speakers from across the globe building tomorrow's technology. We cover subjects such as emerging languages, alternative databases, security, concurrency, distributed systems, and the web.